Our detailed service process

Our recruitment process; we screen and mentor our candidates


Our industry knowledge and child psychology that underpins our work








What does our service process look like?



Pre-placement communication:



Tell us your basic details, family situation


Explain your individual needs


Express your desired qualities in a nanny


Discuss times, hours and rates with us







Home visit:



We come to you


Meet us and talk about our service and our philosophy


See how we interact with your children


Hear our recommendations for your family







Selection process:



Find out who we have available for your role


Choose your favourite applicant


Interview your chosen nanny in your home










How are we different?

Placing your nanny:





We send you all the contracts and forms


We help you liaise and finalise details

Choose a start date








Post-placement communication:



6-8 weeks follow up; phone and emails


We will visit your nanny and make sure she is settling in well


We provide feedback on how she's going


+ Extra in-home mentoring and training if needed





Does your family have a specific lifestyle, approach to daily routine, or any medical considerations that influences what

you are looking for in a nanny? We will undertake research and adapt our care to suit your needs.



(Please note this information is for permanent nannies. For contract or casual bookings, the process is less detailed).