Saying No.


It's the sneakiest two letter word in our vocabulary.

How many times a day do you catch yourself saying no to your little ones? After you read this blog - keep it mind next time you're talking to your nanny child or own children. You may be surprised how often it slips out.

Why do we tell children no? As the adults in fall to us to set boundaries for our children, and contrary to belief, children actually thrive on boundaries. Its a big factor in forming a sense of security and protection. There are always going to be times when no is the only answer. Can I pull a hot this hot cup of tea down onto me? No! Can I run across the road? No.

But lets just take a minute to realise the power in the word, how negative it can be. How many times do we tell our children no because its a habit,or because its easier.

Little one wants to help with the baking? Before you say no - ask yourself why. Is it because its dangerous or sets a bad example, or is it because it's easier to get it done quickly and neatly as an adult.

Little one wants to pull all his toys out on the floor and play with them. Before you say no, is your motivation to say no because its going to create a mess? What will he get out of it - will it make him happier, and inspire creativity, will it be a good an oppurtunity to teach him how to pack toys away at the end of play rather than just put them away yourself quickly because its easier?

Next time you're with your little ones - say yes just for fun. Let's put aside our own thoughts and concerns and let them be little. We will never get this time back once its gone.

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